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Best Tourist Places in Malta

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Best Tourist Places in Malta


Gozo Island

The island of Gozo is the most beautiful of the Maltese islands. With its gorgeous pastoral landscape, peaceful villages and beautiful beaches, the island is gorgeous for a relaxing holiday while enjoying cultural activities. If you are looking for amazing sights to see in Malta, this is the place.

Gozo is less defined than Malta, although it has a powerful fortified medieval city - Victoria, a famous seaside town - Marsalforn and the most important archaeological monument of the Maltese Islands - the Gagantija Temples, dating back to around 3500 BC.


Dingli Cliffs

This is one of the loveliest and most romantic places in Malta to watch the spectacular sunset. The highest point of the rocks is estimated to be 250 meters above sea level. The Dingli Cliffs rise beyond the small town of Dingli to the fountain and home of Lapsi.

You can go for a hike on the rocks, ride a motorbike or just relax on one of the benches on the shore with panoramic views of the sea.


Inland Sea

The inland sea can be found in Dwejra, which is home to various beautiful natural sites. One would not expect to see a small bay surrounded by boathouses from outside the cave. This spot is popular among divers and snorkelers.

And when the waters are calm, tourists can tour the 100-meter-long cave in tiny fishing boats. A must see on any trip to Malta!


Calypso's Cave

Calypso's cave can be found in Gozo near the village of Zagra. According to legend, the cave was where the goddess Calypso imprisoned her love, Odysseus, for seven years. There isn't much to do once you reach the cave, but it does provide stunning views of the Ramla Bay.



The former capital of Malta, Mdina is also known as the Silent City and is a delight to visit. Behind its fortified walls is a city that is 4,000 years old. Medina was known throughout the Middle Ages as an aristocratic city as it was home to many noble families.

Many of the current residents of the walled city (about 300) are descendants of these families, running the houses from generation to generation. Due to non-availability of vehicles, one has to go on foot. Wander the small, sodium-lit streets and discover a place where time has stood still.


Ghadira Bay

The largest and most popular sandy beach in Malta, Gdira Bay is located in the north of the island, near Mellieha. With clear water that remains relatively shallow for over a mile, it is ideal for paddling or swimming and a Mediterranean experience for youngsters.

Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent and refreshment booths are located around the area. Sit back and relax all day while enjoying the beautiful Maltese weather, clear waters and gentle lapping waves.


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Best Tourist Places in Malta